Instagram Marketing for Business

From local to world-wide businesses, Instagram is a platform based on sharing visual content. With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is perfect for sharing images, videos, trends, and more.

make use of 'Instagram Stories' to give your audience visual updates with Instagram’s range of creative tools, including images, text, videos, polls and more.

 Instagram Post Management

Instagram Post Management

We’ll create and design regular, engaging posts that drive your customers to interact with your brand. Raise brand awareness and generate leads.

Whether you want to advertise a new product, showcase current products or share relevant industry news and images, we can post about it for you.

We understand that coming up with ideas for posts, designing them and making them interesting however, can be quite time consuming. In the busy schedules of business owners, we know maintaining this isn’t always feasible, and that's where we come in.

 Increase Follower Engagement

Increase Follower Engagement

Our aim is to help your social media pages to grow, and when they reach milestones we like to celebrate that.

When the Flightcase Warehouse's Instagram page reached 1000 followers we ran a competition across their social media platforms. The competition was to guess how many rivets were inside a one of Flightcase Warehouse’s plastic cases, and the person with the closest guess won 10% off their next order.

There were over 50 guesses with three people drawing at the closest guess with 5000 rivets, and the competition raised the total followers across their social platforms (as entrants had to follow to enter) and raised engagement overall.

 Interaction with Followers on Instagram

Interaction with Followers

Customers like when they can contact a company directly and get a timely response. It makes them feel valued, rather than 'just another customer', which can help build a relationship and encourage brand loyalty.

We respond to comments, private messages and visitor posts for you, ensuring no comment goes unnoticed. This helps keep your customers interested and up to date with what’s going on within your brand.

We’re happy to answer queries on your brand and products, make recommendations based on their preferences, and advertise products you want to push.

 Instagram Follower Analytics

Follower Analytics

Watch your page grow, find your exact customer demographic, see what your followers react best to and more. We’ll compile all the data and present it to you in easily digestible chunks.

We’ll show you how many likes and new followers you’ve gained on a weekly basis. Comparison charts will show what progress we’ve made each period, so you always know where we’re at with your page.