Increasing Follower Engagement on Instagram

Here at Spiderscope we help our clients’ social media pages grow, and when they reach milestones we like to celebrate that.

When the Flightcase Warehouse's Instagram page reached 1000 followers we ran a competition across their social media platforms. The competition was to guess how many rivets were inside a one of Flightcase Warehouse’s plastic cases, and the person with the closest guess won 10% off their next order with Flightcase Warehouse.


There were over 50 guesses with three people drawing at the closest guess with 5000 rivets.

This competition raised the total followers across their social platforms (as entrants had to follow to enter) and raised engagement overall.


What do we offer?

We offer a full spectrum content creation service covering a variety of social network marketing methods and campaigns:

Original content creation: We can create banners, profile images and other graphics for social media to promote what your business does.
Keep your customers up to date: Let your customers know about offers, events and new products
Growing your audience: We follow the latest trends in your industry to make sure the content we put out is important to your audience. This also helps to organically grow your audience.
Engaging with your followers: We will reply to comments, messages and engage with influencers in your industry, social media is about being social after all!
Blog posts and email campaigns: As well as posting across your social media platforms, we will create email campaigns and blog posts for your website.
Conduct regular meetings: We will review, explain and share analytical data showing social media engagements, comparisons, growth and future direction so we can constantly improve your social media presence


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