Omiga Recruiment Software

Our Omiga system has been specifically designed to maximise efficiency and productivity for your recruitment business. We have been continuously working and improving the software to meet these goals and deliver an easy to use, intuitive system that meets your business requirements.

 Manage & view bookings online

Manage & view bookings online

Manage and view your bookings online

Using our web interface you can manage bookings online from any computer connected to the internet.

 Monitor your workers and staff effectively | Spiderscope Recruitment Software

Monitor staff effectively

Eliminate the possibility of double bookings and wrong assignments with our intuitive worker management.

 Complete AWR compliance and management | Spiderscope Recruitment Software

AWR compliance & management

Complete AWR compliance and management.

Know exactly when your worker qualifies, what benefits they should receive and alert your clients.

 A comprehensive suite of reporting tools | Spiderscope Recruitment Software

Built in reporting tools

A comprehensive suite of reporting tools.

Keep on top of your business with generated status reports that ensure you’re operating effectively.

 Spiderscope Omiga System Demo

Omiga System Demo

We have set up a demo Omiga system for you to take a look at so you can get a feel for the features the system has and how it works.

Please contact us using the form below to obtain a set of login credentials.


Omiga System Demo

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