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We have over 20 years of experience creating bespoke systems and applications that suit the exact needs and requirements of our customers.

The advantages of developing a bespoke application for your business will include a reduction in time lost to inefficient procedures, increased flexibility in the way you work and better usage of your time. The end result will be a direct improvement on your bottom line as your staff members spend more of their time on critical tasks that generate profits.

Creating a bespoke application that enhances your business in this manner needn't be expensive or time consuming. We are expert application developers that have a wide range of experience developing systems that have saved businesses like yours thousands in hours wasted to old, inefficient processes.


About Spiderscope

Our extensive experience in developing applications will help us deliver the right solution that matches your business.

We have been operating for over 15 years designing, developing and marketing custom web applications. We have helped countless customers to implement applications that solve critical business needs and make radical improvements on efficiency; we can do the same for you.

Application Design
One of the key advantages that we are able to provide is a focus on the design of an application. Many off the shelf applications are designed to cover as many pain points as possible and it's highly likely that a lot of the features will be meaningless to your business meaning you're paying for features you'll never need.

Your bespoke application will be designed by our experts to cover only the features your business will need. This saves both time and money and will ensure your software is a perfect match to the needs of your business.


Case Study: NHS BILCS

Large scale enterprise booking software designed to handle thousands of bookings from multiple concurrent users.

Spiderscope were awarded a contract to build a new electronic booking system for Birmingham Integrated Language & Communication Services (NHS). This new booking system is set to take over 70,000 bookings annually from NHS patients in Birmingham and Solihull and includes a new multilingual public facing website.

An application of this size and scope takes careful planning to ensure that time and budget isn't wasted and to ensure that the deliverables are met. Some of the key features this system needs are:

  • Postcoder / address finder for quick lookup
  • Auto calendar with date selection
  • Scrolling start / finish time
  • Help bubbles to support users
  • Pre-populate known data to selection lists
  • Auto email alert confirmations

This is just a snapshot of some of the features deployed on the eBooking side of the application. It has further been extended with a front facing public website that is multilingual, SEO friendly and expandable through an easy to use Content Management System.

An application of this scale isn't for every business, but many of the concepts deployed here are used to ensure you receive the right application that benefits your business.


What can we help with?

We have experience building a range of custom applications for businesses in a number of industries. From eCommerce, to warranty systems, SAGE importing and reservation systems; we have a wide range of experience. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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