New Website for Stormsaver

For most customers, we handle every stage of developing their new website. From the initial design proposal to the finished product, which keeps things simple for us as we know what designs work best with our content management system that we developed ourselves in-house.

However, Stormsaver wanted a website design that was in-line with all of their other exisiting marketing campaigns that had been created by a great freelance designer based near them in Nottingham. That meant that we had to build a website designed around a number of vector images. Something we'd done before, but that often comes with a unique set of technical challenges.

We decided early on that the best route, although not the easiest, would be to update our admin to work with a block system. Something we'd discussed before, but always felt was a little overkill for the majority of our customers designs.

Fast forward several months and our new CMS, complete with the extensive new block management system, was ready to go. It enabled us to recreate the vector designs almost perfectly, and came with the added bonus of making adding and editing content around the Stormsaver website extemely fast and simple. Take a look at the finished design using the link below:

Stormsaver Portfolio Page

The block system is now the foundation for our CMS, and is actually how this site was created. It's incredibly easy to get to grips with, without comprimising the final end product, if we do say ourselves!

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at what Matt Hull, Stormsaver's Marketing Executive, had to say about their new website:

 Stormsaver Testimonial
Matt Hull | Stormsaver

The site is honestly amazing, and I cannot wait to share it with our customers and our team. Equally, the admin has been built in a way that is simple, clean, and efficient.

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