Title Tag Optimisation

Title Tag Optimisation

The title tag can be considered one of the most important on page elements to get right on your website pages. The title tag is the title of the webpage and describes what the page is about. Often, these aren’t optimised and correcting this should be one of the first optimisation adjustments you make.

It’s important that these are properly optimised to support keyword targeting as the content of these tags will have a direct impact on how successful your page ranks within search engines.

With any optimisation plan we undertake with customers, we assess their title tags and on page optimisation to ensure that every page is as optimised as possible. Everyone will have a different opinion on how title tags should be formed; however, we find that our approach works well at delivering strong results for our customers.

Title tags are only part of the optimisation mix and to work effectively will need a strong site hierarchy and internal linking to ensure success. That’s why we strongly recommend that title optimisation be incorporated into a wider SEO strategy.

Ensuring your titles are optimised for keyword targeting is an important element of any SEO strategy and is the start to ensuring success for your site. Optimising these will go a long way to helping your pages rank for the keywords you want to target.

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