Product Feed Optimisation

Product Feed Optimisation

Product Feeds are used throughout the internet to garner more exposure for merchants and their inventories. There’s a wide range of sites that these feeds can be submitted to and done correctly can result in targeted traffic finding your store and buying from you.

Product feeds are not exempt from optimisation – a properly prepared and optimised feed will do wonders and make your items more prominent on off site sources; meaning they’re much more likely to deliver traffic and sales.

For the AST website, we developed an intuitive strategy of optimising product feed listings and products, ensuring that every product on the site was well optimised for both natural search and for product search engines that rely on feed files. Because these are two distinctive areas, we developed a plan to have extremely optimised listings for both.

How to achieve this isn’t always obvious due to the complicated nature of most eCommerce platforms. However, the work invested here can pay off in the long term with products appearing prominently in both organic search and product feed dependent searches like Google Products.

This led to the AST site receiving a boost of traffic from these optimised product searches, which in turn has delivered even more targeted traffic to the site – and more importantly, increased sales!


Flightcase Warehouse
Flightcase Warehouse Website OptimisationFlightcase Warehouse Content Management System

Flightcase Warehouse

Benefiting from our Content Management System and SEO services, the site achieves great results, extended features like Google Shopping Product Feeds ensure maximum visibility within search.

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