Job Listing Optimisation

Job Listing Optimisation

Job listings on agency and recruitment websites is a tough field to optimise for with high competition in search engines from a range of major job boards and specific recruiters. Getting the optimising right here is complicated and can be difficult due the volatile nature of job listings coming and going from a website.

A site of well optimised listings can be transform your business and attract a huge range of applicants. It’s important to ensure these listings are not only optimised, but the fact that these pages will come and go from a site is properly planned and accounted for.

Alexander Lloyd is a recruitment specialist that is based in the South East of England. Due to their location, the site required a mix of job listing optimisation and location optimisation to ensure that their SEO plan matched their business goals. As not only was job titles a key part of their search marketing, location targeting had to be planned and accounted for.

We developed an extensive categorisation and optimisation plan that organise and optimised job listings in a manner that led to long term search positions for key job titles. The volatile nature of job listings coming and going was not a simple challenge to overcome, which is where many recruitment sites can falter.

The site now enjoys search traffic from a large range of keywords that are related to job listings, positions and locations. This is extremely targeted traffic which is generating fantastic application conversion rates. Combined with additional features like CV uploads and job baskets developed by us, the site continues to perform well.

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