Homepage Optimisation

Homepage Optimisation

The homepage is the single most important page on your site. It is often the first page anyone will see and will always have a lot of page views – it’s the start of the visitor’s journey through your website. In addition, the SEO value of your homepage is often invaluable and when properly optimised, will go a long way to ensuring your website is a success.

Optimising your homepage is something that must be done with extreme care to strike a balance between SEO benefit and user friendliness, coupled with an inviting and attractive look that captivates your visitors and makes them want more.

It’s no wonder that optimising your homepage can be a difficult process to get right. Often the smallest of changes can have the biggest effect and finding these is not always easy. This was the case with Rivetwise who had always used a clear panel layout to direct visitors to the different areas of their site, depending on what they were looking for.

One of the key areas of their site is the Rivet Directory and Search. Previously, only the search page was linked from the homepage in a prominent location, which gave the illusion that the only way to locate rivets was through searching. However, changing the prominent link to the Directory instead (a page with a series of links to rivet types) had a huge impact on their rivet sales.

Changing this simple link on the homepage resulted in a dramatic increase in rivet sales, proving that ensuring your homepage is right and linking to the correct pages can have a significant impact on your business.

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