eCommerce Product Optimisation

eCommerce Product Optimisation

Ensuring your products are optimised is one of the most important aspects to get right for an eCommerce site. This is what will determine where your products will rank in Google and for what keywords. With careful consideration, this can enhance your exposure and getting this right can literally sky rocket your sales!

Many eCommerce sites will not have optimised products or categories and are missing out on huge potential markets by not smartly marketing their inventory in the most optimised manner possible.

Originally, the AST website marketed their products in a very one dimensional manner. This led to them restricting the amount of possible keywords they would be found for, therefore artificially limiting their potential traffic. This is common for many eCommerce sites where owners are unable to see how they can leverage their existing inventory effectively.

We developed a strategy that allowed us to diversify the range of keywords their products were found for. This involved extensive categorisation, on page optimisation and site hierarchy adjustments to broaden the scope of product targeting. This is possible for all eCommerce sites and is an extremely effective strategy.

The end result is now an eCommerce site that ranks for a huge range of targeted keywords that in turns delivers a fantastic conversion rate.

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