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Here in the UK we're approaching the end of our initial coronavirus lockdown. It's been a long and depressing two months for all of us but things do seem to be coming under control at last.

I don't really like face masks but I have one and I've been wearing it when I need to. Most of us don't care for social distancing either, but I can't see the need to practice it going away anytime soon.

For now we're stuck with both, it's 'The New Normal'.

After being pretty quite in the early part of the lockdown things have picked up over the last few weeks. There's a lot going on here now and working remotely is much easier than we thought it would be.

We now have everything set up back here at Rock Farm HQ, so if we need to get together to discuss developments, or meet customers face to face, we can.

E-commerce Website Developed in just 10 days is a brand new e-commerce website created specifically to sell anti viral face masks to the general public. Using our existing and proven e-commerce software, the site was designed, built and running in just 10 days.

Manufactured and distributed by PS Healthcare in Nottingham and on sale now at these anti-viral face masks are available to buy individually or in small packs and come in two great flavours, black or white!

As a token of PS Healthcare's appreciation for their valiant efforts the site is specially configured to extend a discount to NHS staff, who are automatically recognised by their email addresses.


Visit the P&S Face Mask site

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