Retail Website Design

Retail businesses need a fully functioning, yet easy to use eCommerce site to maximise their sales.

Our feature rich retail websites are easy to use and easy to administer. They'll improve your customer satisfaction ratings and achieve more repeat business.

Spiderscope's website retail systems include industry standard reporting and conversion tracking tools, they're customised to suit your needs and retain your individuality.

On top of that, they will look good and impress your customers. See how we can help you.


Why Spiderscope Retail Website Design?

Bespoke design
All of our designs are completely bespoke to our customers needs. We do not use templates and our designers will work with you to get the result you want for your business.

Mobile friendly
Our websites can be built to be mobile friendly in anyway you choose. We will discuss this with you to ensure your site meets your customers needs to ensure good conversion rates.

Modular build
Our systems are modular in nature. This means you can start with as little or as many features as you like. We find our customers like to start with the core features and add more as they expand.

Highly customisable
Our sites are highly customisable meaning we can add any new or existing feature you like. Common features include automatic currency detection, translation options, dropped basket emails and more.

Additional Retail Site Options

While a new website is a big investment, we often find that many of our customers are unaware of the additional features we can offer to maximise your business and sales. These include:

Connecting to EPOS systems
If you’re running a shop or an Electronic Point of Sale elsewhere, then you may want to connect this to your website to ensure stock is consistent and you can manage orders in a single location.

We can help you set up barcode scanners and integrate onto an online system if you do not already have one.

Stock and shipping systems
Synchronise with a central inventory so you have real time stock levels on all your products. This can work and update the website immediately so if someone buys the last product in the shop, you won’t get over orders from your site.

Trade areas and customer management
Provide a bespoke trade area for your customers where they can quickly and easily order your stock. They will have their own accounts with dedicated price lists, product information and special offers. Streamline your trade orders through this online interface.

Amazon / eBay integration
Are you selling on Amazon or eBay? If not, then you should consider exploring these market places as they will often result in large increases in sales for our customers. With our eComm Sync module, you can manage all product information in a single location and update your website, Amazon and eBay in one go.

Why Us?

  • Over 15 years experience

    Working with customers to improve search rankings.

  • Dedicated account manager

    One point of contact with your own account manager

  • Based in UK with no outsourcing

    All optimisation, development and technical staff based in the UK.

  • Flexible budgets and payment options

    Pay by credit card and create a budget to suit your needs.

  • Results orientated

    Looking to deliver results for your business ASAP.

  • Quick to action

    We look to start ASAP so there are no delays.


Payment Methods

Retail Website Design


Jeffery West & Co
Jeffery West & Co Content Management System

Jeffery West & Co

Our eCommerce Content Management System powers this retail website design and allows search engine friendly pages to quickly and easily be added to the site. Our shopping cart allows easy purchasing by site visitors.

The Linen Works
The Linen Works Website OptimisationThe Linen Works Content Management System

The Linen Works

The Linen Works uses Spiderscope's eCommerce platform, including CMS and Shopping Cart. This allows them to easily optimise their products, categories and content to attain high visiblity in search; while the pleasing design and use of high res images ensure users can find and sample the products they like.

Give us the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.
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