Recruitment websites & applications

Recruitment websites & applications

Eyears is an independent recruitment agency that specialises in the childcare and education sector. Their spec was simple: a professional looking website that put easy navigation and user experience as the top priority, while maintaining the search engine friendly design and coding from their previous site. Not only this, but the redesign had to work well with the already implemented web based recruitment system designed and built by Spiderscope.

One of our key goals was to ensure that the design was not only pleasant and eye catching, promoting Eyears in the best possible way; but also fundamentally easy to use for visitors, applicants, and the Eyears staff alike, in the numerous different ways these groups of people would interact with the site.

We feel that we accomplished this goal with our simple, but great looking design.

See our Eyears photo album for step by step information and screen shots of how it looks and works. If you like the design and want something similar or are interested in a bespoke recruitment system yourself, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.


 Eyears Website Redesign Case Study

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