U Can Store It

We redesigned the site to focus on attention grabbing images all managed through our easy to use CMS.

The new U Can Store It website has been designed to look good and show off to all potential customers. The main images on the homepage are attention grabbing, designed to showcase what U Can Store It offer to their customers.

Just below these main attractive images are the special offers and trust building content including price promises and testimonials. The goal of the design is to reassure customers, build trust and generate conversions.

Website Development

The new website features a customised Content Management System that allows U Can Store It to easily manage their pages, content and main images. This means they can tailor the message on the homepage at any time to target different times of the year, different special offers or for brand building.

The site also benefits from Spiderscope’s Website Optimisation, ensuring the site will rank nicely in search engines and continuously attract new visits and customers. With tailored reserve online quote and contact forms, the site is in a good position to attract bookings online and this could even be extended to a full payment and reservation system later.

Visit the U Can Store It site

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