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Website Redesign

When redesigning the Nicholas Rose & Associates website we aimed to make it more responsive and up to date. This included adjusting the whole design; layout, colour scheme, fonts and images.

The old yellow/green colour scheme was updated to a brighter, more modern, shade of green with a clean white background and black text. This brightened the whole appearance of the site. The fonts were changed to a more readable and up to date font to match the overall look of the website.

We made the website more responsive and optimised it for all screen sizes. On a widescreen the images stretch across the whole screen and on mobile the whole website fits easily on the screen without having to zoom in or out. This applies to any size screen, mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc, even if in the future new devices are invented with different screen resolutions.

Nicholas Rose & Associates’ website is now responsive and can automatically adjust to whatever device it is being viewed on, so there is no more need to zoom in to read the text or find the page link needed.


SEO Driven Design

SEO performance is improved when a website is responsive, meaning the website will now appear higher in Google’s rankings so traffic to the site will be improved.

The site has a blog and twitter feed integrated into the site to increase follower engagement and social media influence.

The website is now highly interactive, a key factor in user experience (UX), which Google have confirmed is a factor in their ranking algorithm.

Users can easily find the resources they need from the website with clear buttons for searching, contacting, taking the survey, reading testimonials, viewing the profiles of the team who work there and more. If a user cannot easily find what they are looking for they will look somewhere else, so clear buttons help to guide the user to what they are looking for.


What did Nicholas Rose think of their new site?

We are client for many years and recently we have done our new website with Spidercope and we are very pleased with the final result. The job was done very smoothly with a positive team effort, the outcome is a combination of our needs and the suggestions: technical and visual from their team.

Renato Cristini


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