NHS Portal and Booking System

Our brief: to create a new portal website and high load, large scale booking system for the Midlands.

The Birmingham Integrated Language & Communication Services (BILCS NHS) project was a development of a booking system portal with a redesigned website for the general public. This is was a large scale system development with the booking system expected to handle over 70,000 bookings per year.

Website Development

With this many bookings passing through the system, it's important that we built an efficient, usable and reliable solution.

Key features:

  • Postcoder / address finder for quick lookup
  • Auto calendar with date selection
  • Scrolling start / finish time
  • Help bubbles to support users
  • Pre-populate known data to selection lists
  • Auto email alert confirmations

This is just a snapshot of the features of this project, designed to support users and clients alike.

Public Facing Website

The public facing website is an important portal for the local residents and must be usable for people that speak in a range of different languages. The site will offer content and information on services in multiple languages, accompanied by short video clips in multiple languages.

Key features of the site:

  • Multilingual content display
  • Short embedded video clips
  • Easy to browse and find content
  • Cross browser compatibility including IE6
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy manageable CMS
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