Eyears Recruitment Agency

A bespoke and well designed site to couple their internal recruitment software - all provided by us.

The Eyears site is designed to promote their latest jobs in a highly effective manner. Integrating with their internal recruitment software so that the latest jobs are available on their site at all times, this ensures seamless management and that the content on the site is always relevant.

Website Development

The site runs on the Spiderscope Content Management System which is integrated with their internal recruitment software. Both of which are developed by us and this ensures that both are able to effectively communicate. In addition, the synergy between both systems ensures that relevant information is displayed on the front end; which is also highly customisable.

Applications and contact request are subsequently fed into the back end systems, meaning an integrated management experience without the need for staff to log into multiple areas. An Intranet is also in place with multiple user accounts and permissions, ensuring that content is organised with a permissions based hierarchy.

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