eCommerce website selling fresh produce online

Calcott Turkeys came to us wanting a brand new website where customers could easily reserve and pay for fresh turkeys.

They had an existing website, but they weren't happy with the limited amount of features and functionality that were on offer. This is where we could help with our wide range of bespoke services.


The key points of the brief

  • Design and develop a website with an uncluttered modern design that incorporated large images.
  • Optimised browsing experience for all device types using a responsive design (mobile, tablet & desktop).
  • Browse through a range of products in various size and price options.
  • Place reservations and pay for them via a secure payment gateway.
  • Embed a Facebook timeline widget onto the home page.
  • Admin area to manage products and order reservations.



What we did

Our design team created a modern looking design that incorporated a variety of large images using a set of rotating banners in the header. The images help promote how Calcott Turkeys take care and rear their turkeys.

The banners are accompanied by a series of panels on the homepage that showcase the various services that Caltcott Turkeys provide.

The reservation system uses our secure ecommerce shopping cart. Customers can browse a range of products and then select the size from the options list. It's then a case of simply adding it to the basket.

The next step was to include the ability for the customers to pay for their order. When dealing with payments, it's important that the payment transactions are done securely. Therefore, we chose to integrate the shopping cart with PayPal, who we've had plenty of experience with.

As with any website, it's important that certain areas of the website can be updated. In this case, Calcott Turkeys wanted to update their product range and expand their Christmas Shop.

We provided a full admin area using our content management system that allows them to easily manage their products, whether it's adding new products or changing descriptions or prices of existing products.

Our content management system is very flexible and offers a wide range of options, from page content management, order management to delivery service management.


Tracey and the team at Spiderscope developed our website as our previous website had gone stale. At 5 years old it desperately required a revamp. The development of the new website did not take long and they made the transition very straight forwards and did not require hand holding to complete the task at hand. The website is now tablet and smartphone compatible – something which is vital when we are selling to busy people who are on the move! We have seen an increase in sales for definite this year and have received compliments on the simplicity of the purchasing system. I received some one-to-one training and soon learnt how to alter and change content. It has been brilliant to work with a local business which allows us to have face to face contact with a team of people who provide great support. We look forward to continuing this working relationship and would fully recommend them to all types of businesses.

Ed, Calcott Turkeys


Interested? Let us know!

If you're interested in a new website, or have a few questions you need answering first, then get in touch with us today. We're always happy to help!


Visit the Calcott Turkey site

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