The Brief

To develop new responsive website.

Website must combine their seperate desktop and mobile sites into a single responsive website.

Content needs to be presented in a format suitable for all current devices; desktop, mobile and tablet.

Construct site in a modular style, using a selection of visual components, able to be used throughout the site.

Shopping cart to allow for selling online.

Products must be able to sync with their eBay store.

The Solution

We created a bespoke responsive website for AST that combined their previously seperate desktop and mobile sites. The content needed to be presented in a format suitable for all current devices, namely desktop, tablet and mobile.

As a result, the new site was constructed in a modular style, using a selection of more than 20 visual components. These modular styles were created in a way that would allow them to be used in various places around the site.

The new site design was combined with our Content Management System which not only allowed users to quickly and easily update the content on the site, but also allowed AST to add their products to the site. We also built a system into the admin area that would automatically sync any selected products from the site to their eBay store. This meant that AST no longer needed to list and update each individual eBay product manually, saving them time and money.

Finally, we created a shopping cart that was optimised to work on desktop, mobile and tablet displays. This allowed customers to purchase a stopwatch directly from AST, without having to leave the site.

Website Features

  • Responsive website
  • Internal order system
  • CMS
  • Review system
  • Import orders from eBay
  • Postage bands
  • Export orders to eBay
  • Multi language
  • Mailshot system
  • Stock management
  • Pdf downloads
  • Shopping cart
  • Trade area

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