Aqualux Spare Parts System

A specialised section offering easy spare part management, organisation and online ordering with a strong focus on customer usability.

Aqualux who are the UK’s leading supplier of shower enclosures and bath screens needed a reliable and user friendly method to allow their customers to buy spare parts online. Their customers include plumbers, bathroom installers and end users alike, so the system needed to be easy to use for people of all levels.

Previous to our online system, this was managed over the phone and therefore was time and admin intensive for the staff. Efficiencies could be gained by switching to an online system that provided an easy search and ordering facility.

Adding spares ordering to the site

The first stage was to create a new section on the site that would house the spare parts for both shower enclosures and bath screens. This is easily added through our modular CMS, so we simply added the eCommerce modules which include category, product and order management, as well as our user friendly, easy to use cart.

Due to the nature of spare parts, it is often difficult for users to find the exact part they need. Our first solution to solving this problem was to create a search functionality that uses predictive text based on the user input. This works by identifying the product code based on what the user types.

The result is an easy to use search facility that often provides your code visible on the screen for the user to click on and see without having to navigate through long lists of confusing part codes.

Parts management and admin

Managing, updating, deleting or adding parts is very easily handled within our CMS

Managing, updating, deleting or adding parts is very easily handled within our CMS. We’ve used our standard eCommerce modules which allows you to create categories and assign products. Aqualux have the option to either manage spare parts individually (i.e. price changes for only one product) or they can manage in bulk via CSV files.

The bulk option is nice in this scenario where you have a large list of products which are very similar in nature. If a part code changes across a range of products or you need to add a whole new set of spares for a new shower enclosure, this is easily done via importing of the CSV file.

Planned features coming soon

This is only the first stage of the Aqualux parts system. Our expertise in developing bespoke applications to suit individual organisations has led us to update and refine this system to further enhance the user experience.

The next stage is to combine this parts system with our online warranty registration system so that Aqualux customers will register their warranties online.

With the customer warranty information, products and parts all consolidated into one database. This opens up opportunities to use these relationships to deliver an even more effective user experience. Check out what’s coming soon:

  • Online warranty registration where customers will upload their details including proof of purchase (a receipt, etc) that is the checked. Once validated, the customer will be “approved” and their warranty information stored.
  • Customers will be able to login and see a list of all the products they have currently registered with Aqualux, when the warranty is due to expire, etc. The main benefit for this is that if you’re looking for spares, you’ll be able to find the spares on a per product basis, eliminating the possibility of ordering spares for the wrong product.
  • The shopping cart will also be updated to detect if the order of parts is coming from a user with a validated warranty. In certain circumstances, spare parts are free under warranties, so these will now be checked when ordering and if you qualify, the cart will simply process the free order!

Contact us to see how we can help you

This is just the beginning of what we have planned for the Aqualux site. Stay tuned and find out what more we’ll be doing. If any of the above applies to you and your business, contact us on 03330 220 990 today to see how we can help you.

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