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Sell more on Google with our Optimised Google Automation Tools

Google Shopping automated product submissionGoogle Product Search, now called Google Shopping is a great way to sell virtually anything. Managing it is a different matter. Our automated systems manage this process for you.

It costs nothing to list your products in Google Shopping but it's hard work if you're adding them one at a time. Even if you managed to do it how do you keep it up to date, how do you make sure the prices are accurate and that the items are in stock?

The answer of course is an automated system. Our system takes all the product information from your website (probably from a database), translates it into a format that can be sent to Google Shopping and sends it over for you.

The update is sent over on a regular basis without any intervention on your part, ensuring all your products are listed (there may be thousands) and that they're all up to date.

But that's only half the story. The product information we send over will be organised and optimised to ensure it's easily found in the Google Shopping search.

Remember Google Shopping works on mobiles too, so even if you dont have a mobile ready site your products will be available to those mobile users on Google Shopping


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