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Kathryn and Don have a wonderful business where they go to schools and show children how to build a range of historical toys, with some designs dating as far back as 3500 years ago. Along the way the children will learn about the history of these toys and how they work, all while getting hands on and making the design their own.

However, with the introduction of social distancing rules, they needed to shake things up. No longer would they be able to go into schools and present to the children themselves. They needed a different solution.

They came up with a presentation that teachers could show to their class, with all the required materials being sent along with it.

With their product updated accordingly to suit life in 2020, they needed the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle: a new website.

We set out to create them something simple yet eye-catching. A design focused on images of the very toys previous children have designed and built. Why not take a look at the finished design yourself and let us know what you think?

Visit the Toys in School site

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