Website Menu Improvements for Flightcase Warehouse

It became increasingly clear that some of Flightcase Warehouse’s customers were having difficulties finding the right products. It’s very important for customers to be able to browse a website easily, so when there are problems, they need to be identified and acted upon correctly to help increase the number of conversions and sales.

Identifying the Problem

We deal with these types of problems every week. After carrying out an in-depth review of the website, it quickly became apparent that the primary navigation had several problems and could be improved.

The main problems were:

  • Top level categories were named vaguely e.g. ‘By Application’.
  • Categories overlapped with each other.
  • Sub categories were misleading and did not relate to their primary category very well.

We felt that while the menu worked well for FCW themselves, who were intimate with the industry, it didn’t work well for a new customer with limited knowledge of the industry.

The New and Improved Menu

The primary focus was to implement a menu with a clearer, easier to understand and less misleading structure. This would help customers quickly find the type of product they wanted at a glance.

We achieved this by removing the 4 top level vaguely named categories and instead focused on displaying the main types and usages of flight cases. This was also supported by moving certain categories into more logical groupings that make more sense to a new customer.

We made sure that the menu was also easy to manage and update. We built a custom admin tool for Flightcase Warehouse to add, remove or delete categories. This gives them full control and flexibility to change the menu any time of the day.

The new menu has been programmed to be fully responsive and works and looks great on any device, from desktops to tablets to mobiles.

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