YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing


The YouTube phenomenon is catching on. Companies of all sizes are beginning to see that carefully selected video footage will enhance and enrich the visitor experience in ways that work for business. If you want or need a videospiderscope can help.

Video clips are easily added to your website and technical difficulties are handled by us, you don’t even need your own file storage space. All current desktops and mobile devices can now stream YouTube content and we ensure the smoothest and quickest upload speed possible. 

your own YouTube channelA Video can be edited to highlight all that's best about a product. The Producer can ensure the product benefits are made clear and doesn’t need to worry about listing all the features. More expensive products are easier to sell if a well presented video is on hand to allay the customers' concerns.
Videos are also a great way to provide help and support. Difficult to describe assemblies and installation procedures can be translated through video presentations. Training videos can also be set up giving your customers further satisfaction with your product or service.

What can we do to help?

We can setup and style your own YouTube ‘channel’. A channel gives you a place to gather all you video presentations together. We offer a management system that includes all the tools you need to post video clips onto your website. These easy to use tools work in concert with general site management tools that together make up our Content Management System or CMS. We can also directly add all the code that's needed to embed a video clip, it’ll look like it’s running directly from your own website but still increase your YouTube video views!

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Here at Spiderscope we focus on customer engagement, customer acquisition and look to drive traffic to your website. We have experience in a range of Youtube channels that suit businesses in a number of industries. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Social Media Business Integration

Spiderscope not only create customised social media pages, but we also look to integrate these networks and offer a cohesive marketing strategy. Spiderscope can offer social media integration tools which includes:

  • Adding a social media sharing buttons to your site
  • Embeding YouTube videos and other media onto your website
  • Embeding icons onto your website, linking customers to your social media pages

Find out more about our social media business integration services today.

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