Facebook Website Integration

Facebook Website Integration

There are many features to Facebook that are designed to be implemented and deployed on already existing websites and other social media pages. This allows for your web site to closely integrate with the service for added effect to any Facebook campaigns. However, not all Facebook campaigns will include integration like this, and more importantly, not everyone will know how to properly implement these features onto your website in an effective manner.

Alongside our Facebook Strategy Development, we look at all the possible Facebook integrations. This includes:

• Integrating the Facebook Like Box onto your website.

• Integrating Facebook Like Buttons onto your website.

• Analysing Facebook Connect features and implementation.

• Possible automated integrations from site blogs or news feeds.

This is only the beginning of what’s possible when integrating features from Facebook onto your site. Integrating these properly in accordance with a defined strategy will bring benefit to your social media efforts by closely integrating your own website with Facebook.

With Facebook changing all the time and more features being added and accessible by site owners; it pays to stay ahead of the game and aware of what’s happening around you. This is exactly what we can provide – alongside proper integration of Facebook features onto your site in a way that works.

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