Facebook Strategy Development

Facebook Strategy Development

Facebook posts are often overused in the first instance and then pages are abandoned. Ignoring your Facebook Page for weeks at a time may send a blasé, uncertain and untidy message to your customers. Posting to a strict and consistent schedule is a significant part of Facebook optimisation and Spiderscope can manage this for you. 

Facebook Strategy Development

We will discuss with you and determine exactly what you want from Facebook; whether that is more orders on your eCommerce site, more exposure to local people or building wider brand awareness – we can help. Once we know this, we can then build a detailed and thorough strategy that will achieve your goal. What’s different about our service is that we don’t simply leave you to it. We will then actively manage your strategy for you with our Facebook Account Management Service to ensure you meet your goals.

This allows us to:

• Provide you with detailed monthly statistics to demonstrate how the strategy is working.

• Keep up to date with the latest Facebook developments and implement these into our strategy.

• Revise and improve with new ideas and suggestions, ensuring these are deployed to maximum effect.

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