Optimised Video Sitemap

Optimised Video Sitemaps

So you’ve gotten your well shot, enticing video that is sure to keep visitors on your site. But have you thought about video optimisation? As video becomes bigger and easier to access throughout the web, search engines like Google are making it easier to find by indexing relevant videos directly within search engine result pages!

Well optimised videos now appear in the search listings (SERPs) alongside other search results, Optimised Video can increase your visibility in the search results and improve the click through rate to your website.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the web today. Successful YouTube optimisation can get your content to the top of their results and open another stream of traffic to your site!

Google does not crawl videos, you cannot expect your video content to appear in search results simply by submitting the page it appears on to Google!

Video Sitemaps provide Google with a breakdown of what a video is about, including information such as location on the web, which thumbnail image to use, video title, video description, video rating, video published date, video tags, etc, it goes on… In short, Video Sitemaps are a comprehensive breakdown that search engines use to find out what the video is all about.

A Video Sitemap optimised to match your targeting will be more visible in search, and more likely to attract visitors and customers. Spiderscope can provide optimised Video Sitemaps which will give your videos the edge when it comes to being indexed within Google and YouTube.

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