Optimisation for an existing website

Optimisation for an existing website

Good search results will only be achieved when your website is properly structured, relevant and technically sound. Our business is making websites like yours work. We call this process website optimisation.

When your site is optimised you can expect it to be found easily on Google and many other search engines. This listing will be absolutely free and it will attract more visitors to your site, these visitors will convert into more leads, more sales and more profit.


How do we Optimise your Website.

  1. Ensure your website satisfies ALL required standards. We remove and replace bad code, organise content and improve sales features.
  2. We make sure it correctly targets the right keywords and phrases, with the right content.
  3. We engineer your site to target ALL keywords in a very specific way.
  4. We organise suitable links to improve your Google PR (page rank) Score.


Why Choose Us?

We've been in the Website Optimisation business for a long time, our track record speaks for itself, click the links below to see some example searches

Position 1 on Google
AST P1 Google for
"swimming stopwatches"
Position 1 on Google
Spiderscope P1 Google for
"web optimisation"
Position 3 on Google
Aqualux P3 Google for
"shower enclosures"
Position 1 on Google
Rivetwise P1 Google for

As you can see, we understand this business. We're also clear about what we know, clear about what we do and we do the job properly. You can expect improved conversion rates, access to new markets, more enquiries and more sales.


Give us the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.
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