Breadcrumb Trail Optimisation

Optimised Breadcrumb Trails

We know Breadcrumb Trails are good for navigation, are they a good website optimisation enhancement too?

A Breadcrumb Trail helps your website's visitors find and return to previously visited pages. Similarly, if users arrive on a content page the Breadcrumb will provide quick and easy links to the categories and related sections above.

Having a Breadcrumb Trail will increase internal linking, this is a clear optimisation benefit to the website. Internal linking is especially important at the moment as statements from google relating to their algorithm update (codenamed caffeine) confirm that internal linking is being given increased importance as a page ranking factor.

We also see that Google have started to include Breadcrumb information in their search result output, clearly it will affect your site's search ranking.

By careful design and coding Spiderscope can bring these two elements together for you in a way that will both enhance user experience and improve optimisation.

Adding this feature to your website should be quick and straightforward so make sure you capitalise on these optimisation and marketing opportunities.

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