Website Optimisation

We're often asked how to increase the number of people who visit a site, and the answer is quite simple. You have two main options. Google AdWords or Search Engine Optimisation.

Google AdWords allows you to bid on certain keywords in order for your site to appear in the search results. It's undoubtedly the quicker option, but is also considerably more expensive.

Search Engine Optimisation on the other hand, is the process of tailoring your site to be favoured by Google's algorithms. The issue here is that the goal posts are constantly shifting. Google is always updating their algorithm, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

That's where we come in.

The Benefits

Increased Traffic
As the optimisation imporves your search results positioning, you will see increased amounts of organic traffic. Only 3.5% of users click position 8, compared to 36% who click position 1!

Improved Conversion Rates
We aim to improve conversion rates site-wide, no matter the goal. Whether it's filling out contact forms or downloading a brochure, we aim to get more visitors doing it.

Beat the Competition
We will frequently perform a competitor analysis to compare your site's performance and keep you two steps ahead.

Improved User Experience
Optimisation isn't all about increasing traffic to the site, it's about improving interaction. We do this by making the site easy to read and navigate, essential for improving user experience.

The Cost

The Premium Package - £195.00 per month
Our premium website optimisation package includes 3 hours of search engine optimisation, peformed by one of our specialist website optimisation professionals, NOT software!

The Elite Package - £595.00 per month
Our most complete package. The elite search engine optimisation package gives you a whole 10 hours of optimisation and updates to your site! Again, this will be performed by one of our specialist optimisation professionals, NOT software!

Additional Hours - £62.50 per hour
If you're looking for extra optimisation time on top of either of the above packages, that's not a problem! We charge a flat rate of £62.50 per additional hour on top of our available website optimisation packages!

How to get started!

Interested? We hope so.

Even if you're not, why not fill out our free assessment form anyway, it only takes 2 minutes! You can do this by clicking the button below.

Free Website Optimisation Assessment

Website Assessment

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