Location Optimisation

Optimising for your location is extremely important for businesses that offer services within a certain area. Ideally, your want to rank for keywords that contain the areas you operate in as this is targeted traffic likely to convert. Optimising for location searches can be different from traditional keyword targeting, so it’s important to sure you’re doing it right.

As search engines become more focused on providing location contextualised results; your website needs to be optimised for the areas you cover in so you’re ahead of the competition.

There are two main methods that location search works. One can be the use of keywords like “Plumbers in [location]” and the second is where a search engine filters results for generic searches like “Plumbers” to local results. It’s important that a website is competitive for both types of searches.

Targeting specific locations was important for the Abbey and Lea Marston hotels. They needed to rank for keywords like “Hotels in [location]”, which is a key source of targeted traffic for their business. Therefore, we have invested a lot of time into creating a strategy that would place them at the top of the results for these keywords.

Both hotels rank competitively on the first page for their target areas, which is leading to lots of targeted search traffic finding their website. Because this type of traffic is targeted, it’s more likely to convert and both hotels experience great conversion rates.

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