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Confused by all of the SEO service options out there?, difficult to decide which one would provide your company with the best service?, worried about cost of SEO?, we can help... 

Looking for a Guaranteed Return

Many people see Ad or PPC (pay-per-click) Campaigns as a safe option with their seemingly guaranteed returns and known, easily budgeted for costs. We'd be the first to agree that PPC has its benefits. BUT;  search engine optimisation should always be carried out in parallel. Contrary to popular opinion SEO (search engine optimisation) is a very cost effective form of online marketing.

By devoting all your resources to pay-per-click campaigns you will be missing a large percentage of the available market. Research suggests that only 30% of users choose sponsored links. The rest are all choosing your competitor's sites, the ones listed within the natural search positions.

Our SEO Service aims to get your site found effectively in the natural search results, this will result in a substantial increase in visitors; a share of the other 70%

PPC campaigns can get very expensive

It's very tempting to keep upping that bid, adding more keywords and increasing your budget.... never stopping to consider your conversion rates!, or even monitoring them?.

Our SEO Service not only costs a fraction of a typical Ad Campaign spend but the improved conversion rates that follow can in effect mean it's FREE.


Yes free. Imagine a small business www.notconfused.com that spends £1,000 per month on PPC. Let's suppose that results in 10 visits producing 1 enquiry per day, assume notconfused.com convert 1 in every 5 of those enquiries into a sale. The cost of their PPC campaign, per enquiry would be around £30.00 or per sale (5 x £30.00) £150.00.

If we were able to achieve more click through traffic for the same budget and improve the website a little to increase the enquiry rate to perhaps 3 in 2 days the cost per sale drops 50%

This saving alone would fund your SEO campaign, without even considering the extra FREE traffic that will soon start to flow from you improved search placements. It's that Simple!

What sort of SEO Service do I need

There are a wide variety of SEO Service options and choices, camouflaged in mysterious jargon, resulting in a lot of confusion. We like to think our way makes some sense, we know it's effective.
We call our programme SiteRite. It brings together a range of measures that can be summarised in no particular order as follows:

  • Technical fixes to make your site work properly and conform to expected standards.
  • Marketing and promotional initiatives
  • Web design and development
  • Statistics, measurement and reporting
  • Meeting, Discussion and planning

In our opinion an SEO plan that does not contain all these elements will fail to deliver at some point

In short our SEO service doesn't just make you money, it saves you money too.

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