Website for iPhone

Website for iPhone

Estimates put the number of iPhones sold in the UK at around 2 million. Most of these will be used to access online material. It's time to make sure your website is optimised for the iPhone.

The screen of an iPhone shows little more than 1/3 of what we can see on a regular PC or MAC screen. Even if the user can see enough of your page the menus and typically complex programming stop them from browsing your site. As if this wasnt bad enough large, hi-res images can be very slow to load if you're on the move.


What's the Answer to this problem?

Try out the iPhone demoThe solution is to detect requests as they come in from iPhone users and to respond back with webpages that suit. Spiderscope have developed specialised, mobile aware webpages perfectly suited to the iPhone.

When these pages are in place, if your site receives a request from an iPhone it will automatically respond by sending back a specially designed, smaller, faster page. This page will be styled to match your current website and corporate look and  designed to work well on the iPhone


Will I need to re-develop my whole website?

Of course not. If you prefer to make just a few pages available that's fine, there's no need to convert every page just yet. It's most important to get the basic elements of your site in place first, typically this would include your home page, about us, product listings or product categories and contact page, as few as 4 or 5 pages.

Give us the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.
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