mCommerce Shopping Cart

mCommerce Shopping Cart

Mobile Commerce Stats

  • Mobile shopping estimated to top £4.5bn in 2012
  • mCommerce will account for 8% of UK online orders
  • 91% of UK consumers have used their mobile device for commerce (buying / research)
  • 13% of UK consumers have made a purchase on their mobiles
  • UK Smartphone users are 63% more likely to engage with m-commerce

Mobile Commerce is set to explode in 2012 with UK mobile shopping estimated to top £4.5bn. Mobile commerce is expected to account for 8% of all online orders in the UK in 2012. Is your site catering to these customers and offering an optimum mobile buying experience?

If not, your competitors are going to leave you behind. More and more people are using their smart phones to browse, compare, shop and buy products online. If you’re not active in the mobile space, then you are missing out on a huge proportion of traffic, sales and profit.


Mobile Shopping Cart Solutions

Mobile shopping is starting to come of age and so it’s important that your mobile site uses an optimum shopping cart that is specifically designed for mobiles. The way mobile devices browse websites is completely different to normal computers or laptops; so your shopping cart and checkout experience needs to change to suit.

Your shopping cart should:


mCommerce for your Site

Simply reducing your eCommerce site to sit in a mobile browser is not enough to drive mCommerce and reap the rewards of more sales. Your whole site needs to be designed to focus on making ordering as easy as possible for your visitors, so that they not only order one, but again and again.

Spiderscope have built mobile shopping carts that are specifically designed to provide the very best user experience. Our expertise in mobile optimisation ensures that your mCommerce will be a continued success.

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