Preventing or Managing Negative Feedback

Own your feedback loop to reduce negative feedback and turn this into a positive.

The Internet has redefined how customers pick and choose which companies they want to buy from. With the proliferation of customer reviews throughout the web, it’s so easy that it has become habitual behaviour for customers to check reviews of companies before they choose to use them.

If, on their searches, the customer spots negative reviews for your company, then it becomes increasingly unlikely that they will choose you over your competitors.

Therefore, online reputation management is crucial for any business to succeed in this day and age.

But how do you prevent or manage rogue customers from leaving negative reviews throughout the web?

Own your feedback loop

Enhance customer service by owning the feedback loop and turning negative to positive.

The single best way to deal with negative feedback is to own it, jump on it and squash it as quickly as possible. This is almost impossible to do when reviews are posted throughout the web – after all, if you don’t know about it, how can you deal with it?

Our system puts control in your hands. A system will be put in place to proactively reach out to the customer for their review. When they’re ready, our system will filter the customer so that positive reviews are distributed in an effective manner (e.g. added to your site, Google Places Profile, etc) whereas negative feedback is contained between you and the customer.

This allows you as a business to deal with the customer’s negative experience and turn it into a positive before they have the chance to spread this opinion far and wide; damaging your company name and reputation.

Alongside this, customer feedback which shows your company cares about its customers enough to quickly and effectively resolve issues is far more effective than a stream of 10/10’s which look automated and fake.

Customer Feedback on your Site

Good customer feedback will drive sales and business on your site. It leads to more trust which will entice more visitors to convert and ultimately result in more sales and profit. Spiderscope’s customer review system is an excellent fit for all sized sites and will transform your online presence.

Give us the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.

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