Increase customer reviews with automatic alerts

Increase Customer Reviews with Automatic Alerts

Prompt and remind your customers to leave feedback to further enhance your reputation.

A strong customer feedback profile is essential for your reputation and is often the deciding factor for if a customer chooses you. Many customers are also willing to participate and leave reviews about their experience, but this often requires a prompt.

Relying on the customer to remember to leave feedback is a bad strategy. Whilst many customers are willing to provide feedback; few do so without being asked.

Therefore, ensuring customers are prompted for their reviews and feedback is essential for developing a great profile for others to judge you against.


Automatic Customer Review emails

Set and forget with automatic email alerts that mean your customers are always prompted for their feedback.

An automatic email solution reduces the need for a member of staff to crawl through recent orders and remember to send prompts. An automatic solution ensures reliability that no customer is missed alongside presenting customised messages to enhance conversions.

It’s a no brainer; a system like this will ensure your customers are always prompted for their feedback. Without fail, every system we’ve added this to has seen an increase in customer reviews being left and the same is possible for you.

Customer Feedback on your Site

Good customer feedback will drive sales and business on your site. It leads to more trust which will entice more visitors to convert and ultimately result in more sales and profit. Spiderscope’s customer review system is an excellent fit for all sized sites and will transform your online presence.


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