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We've been optimising for Google Search for nearly 10 years, yes 10!.

We started our Optimisation Programme around the same time that Google was born, we understand what it takes to get found on their top results pages. We provide organisations large and small with organic google optimisation skills, Google Adword campaign management and Google Adword Optimisation.

Why Google and Why Spiderscope

Why Google Optimisation? According to recent research has a UK market share of 75% and 15% making the total Google market share a staggering 90% in the UK. Yahoo isn’t even in the top 4.

If you're not found on Google you may as well not have a website. To be found successfully on Google, your website must be

  1. Optimised
  2. Meet Google's required technical criteria

Optimisation is without doubt the most important factor in attracting targeted visitor traffic to your website, without optimisation, your site will not be found Google.

Google look for and promote websites that have specific attributes in their titles, meta tags and keywords, as well as relevant content. To those who are familiar with the subject this may all sound rather obvious, there are of course many other, rather more subtle details that make a huge difference to your website's search results; it's a very competitive arena.

Remember it isn't just about having the right content your site must be technically correct.

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Organic optimisation rarely happens quickly so deal with it now, give us a call or send us an Email at the address given below.

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