Optimised Google Ad Campaign | Save Money on Adwords

Optimised Google Ad Campaign will Save Money on Adwords

PPC and Adword Management Services

Spiderscope optimise your Google Ad Campaigns to maximise the number of profitable clicks you receive. Google Adwords or PPC Campaigns are complex to setup and difficult to manage. All too often we see businesses wasting money by over bidding, overspending by targeting the wrong terms or failing to convert by delivering the wrong message.

Spiderscope's PPC Campaign Optimisation and Management service aims to save you money by:

In short we'll aim to convert more of your visitors into SALES.

How will we do it ?

We have the tools, the experience and the knowledge. We'll keep you informed every step of the way. We never make any changes without agreeing them with you first and we'll never change your budget without written authorisation.

What will it cost ?

Monthly Ad Spend Monthly Fee (excl. VAT)
Up to £750.00 15% (£75.00 minimum)
Over £750.00 10%

Whilst our notional charge is 10 - 15% of your PPC campaign spend each month, In reality we expect to save you money. We'll do this by optimising keywords, bids and budgets to get more clicks for less or pay less for the same. In addition we'll be aiming to convert more into sales. We're completely confident that you'll be more than satisfied.

Give us the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.
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