Email Marketing System

Email Marketing System

Email marketing is coming of age. The industrial unrest in the postal service has resulted in a further expansion of ligitimate business email, as a result we're all becoming even more attentive to it. Many people now organise their day around responding to and dealing with their Email as it arrives. We're all sitting waiting for that next message!

Business attention has recently been focused on cost reduction, as a result many are turning to Email Marketing as a cost effective alternative to traditional printed brochures and postal mailshots.

Efficient and effective Email Marketing calls for, attractive and informative Email Flyers, a clear message, simple mailshot management and an easy to use Email address list manager. Spiderscope's Emailshot offers all this and more, it makes the production and sending of Marketing Email a cinch.

Mailshot Main Admin Screen

Our Email Shot System includes:


Preview and Save Flyers for later use


Manage your mailing lists with this easy to use interface



Once this system is in place you'll be able to prepare and send out mailshots within minutes, to ALL your customers. The only cost incurred is the time spent in preparing the message, sending the messages is absolutely FREE

Integrated Email Shot and Product Management

Want to make it even easier? We'll integrate the email system with your product admin tools. When you add a new product to your website you'll have the option to include it in your next automated Email Shot.

Each day, once a week or monthly, the choice is yours a fully automated product update is dispatched to everyone on your mailing list. You don't even have to remember to send it.


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