Amazon eCommerce Kickstart

Amazon eCommerce Kickstart

It’s easy to set up and start selling on Amazon, however simply being active doesn’t mean it will be a success and you will make money. After all, it’s no good having 100 products on Amazon if none of them sell.

That’s where our Amazon eCommerce Kickstart comes into play. Not only do we set up the account for you, add your products and ensure you’re comfortable using the service, we also provide you with the tools to succeed and make Amazon profitable for you.

Broken down, our service will:

1. Review you and your products, ensuring you have everything you need to be set up on Amazon. Amazon have certain requirements that traders must meet, so we start by ensuring you’re completely set up with everything so there are no issues down the line.

2. Once everything is in order, we will then add your inventory to Amazon. Our expertise will make sure your products are added in a manner that best suits your working practices while also having market appeal so they are actually found by Amazon customers.

3. Create a bespoke feed file in the Amazon format that will ensure your products are easily updateable and inventory changes can be made quickly and easily at scale.

4. Provide Amazon management guide. This will explain to you how to make Amazon a success, while covering everything you need to know to work the service.

Optional Upgrade:

5. Provide a customised tool which will allow you to easily modify products, including images, descriptions, prices, condition and other Amazon factors. These will then export into a feed file, which is uploaded to Amazon. This tool will make changing / updating products very easy and really increase your productivity.


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So, why are you not selling on Amazon? Our service will get your products onto Amazon in the correct way where you will sell and make money.

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