Amazon eCommerce Integration

Amazon eCommerce Integration

Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce sites on the internet today. Millions of people are viewing, and more crucially, buying products from this site on a daily basis. The audience is clearly there as Amazon continues to succeed – but did you know you could have a slice of the pie too?

Amazon eCommerce Services

Amazon has opened up their large traffic streams for businesses to profit from. By selling through Amazon, you can get your products in front of a large audience. Are you on Amazon already? If not, see the benefits below:


The Benefits for eCommerce on Amazon

1. Large market place to sell products to. Amazon sees very high traffic figures, which means you’re able to bring your products to a large audience. Combined with our knowledge of SEO and product targeting, we can get your products in front of this audience.

2. Fixed commission rates mean that it’s easy to determine how much it will cost to sell an item through Amazon. Unlike other sites like eBay, Amazon uses a fixed commission structure so you know exactly how much it will cost you to sell items, which is great for pre-determining costs.

3. Fixed price selling is the established method of selling products. This means you’ll know exactly how much money each product will be sold for and it’s easy to judge suitable prices for products when combined with Spiderscope’s competition research.

4. Research shows that Amazon customers are more loyal and more likely to pay a higher price for the same items when compared to eBay.

5. Amazon handles all marketing such as email newsletters, cross selling at check out and similar viewed items. Combined with marketing from Spiderscope, your products will be found and viewed by many potential customers.


Amazon eCommerce Integration from Spiderscope

Selling on Amazon is a great way to increase visibility to your products and when deployed correctly will increase your online sales too. It’s easy for anyone to set up on Amazon, however to become a success on Amazon is much more difficult.

That’s where Spiderscope come in. We have Amazon selling packages that are designed to make your products a success. These can be used in conjunction with an already existing eCommerce site as an additional revenue source or completely independent.

We are experts at Internet Marketing and success on Amazon is no exception to this.

Online Stock Synchronisation

Synchronise Sales Channels

eCommSync is our simple to use online service that synchronises your sales stock across multiple channels including Amazon and eBay. Keep your prices, stock levels, images and descriptions all in sync without managing each channel individually.

It’s the perfect tool for businesses selling across multiple channels or those looking to start!

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