Stock Management Software

Stock Management Software

Link your website and inventory to ensure you never oversell again.

It's hard to manage your inventory alongside an eCommerce shop as few businesses have a link between where their products are stored and their website. This can quickly lead to inventories running out of stock whilst the website continues to happily sell such products to your customers. When a customer finds out that the item they've ordered is out of stock, it's usually bad news.

Such a scenario is common for a lot of eCommerce shops and can lead to a bad customer experience, which is bad for business. This customer might never place an order again and equally frustrating; could tell all their friends to avoid your shop altogether.

Stock management needn't be complicated and can be linked to your website. Find out how by speaking to us.


Bridging the Gap

More eCommerce sites are offering stock alerts to enhance usability.

We have helped numerous clients bridge the gap between their stores and their inventory, allowing them to avoid such problems. Our modular eCommerce software has been designed to easily include our inventory software which can keep track of your products and their stock levels – and then update the site accordingly for your customers to see.

This will result in a website that will not fall prey to the above scenario. It will eliminate customers experiencing issues like above, and never again will they order a product which is out of stock and be left disappointed.


Stock Management Software

If you are experiencing this problem on your site, then please contact us today. No matter how your site is setup, we're sure we can help.

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