Sell on Amazon as well as eBay

Sell on Amazon as well as eBay

Navigating Amazon is a very different proposition than selling on eBay. Amazon can set up a shop, store your stock and ship your orders. However, setting up your Amazon account can be very perplexing and time consuming if you have no current experience of using the site, especially if you are planning on becoming a Pro Merchant and uploading your whole inventory!

Here at Spiderscope we offer Amazon eCommerce services to help you make the transition from eBay to Amazon successful. Not only do we set up the account for you, add your eBay products and ensure you’re comfortable using the service, we also provide you with the tools to flourish and make Amazon a profitable platform for your business.

Our Amazon Service includes assistance with the following:

Amazon eCommerce Integration
Amazon eCommerce Kickstart
Advanced Amazon eCommerce Integration
Amazon Marketing Strategy
Amazon Stock Synchronisation
Amazon Accounting Integration
Amazon Product Management
Create Amazon Product Feed
Amazon Trading Account Set Up
Amazon Barcode Requirements
Amazon Product Upload
Website Integration with Fulfilment on Amazon


As a business you can dispatch goods from your own premises, but unlike eBay Amazon can store and ship your products by using their FBA service(Add new link when pages is added). Amazon do not charge a subscription for FBA, their fee depends exclusively on the type, size and weight of the item you are selling.

Research suggests there are many Amazon shoppers who won’t even visit eBay, by selling on Amazon you are tapping into a thriving market full of potential customers you are not currently reaching. Contact Spiderscope today and start advertising your products on a site millions of people are viewing, and more crucially, buying products from on a daily basis.

Online Stock Synchronisation

Synchronise Sales Channels

eCommSync is our simple to use online service that synchronises your sales stock across multiple channels including Amazon and eBay. Keep your prices, stock levels, images and descriptions all in sync without managing each channel individually.

It’s the perfect tool for businesses selling across multiple channels or those looking to start!

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