Internal Site Search

Internal Site Search

Offer your users a reliable and effective method to search your site for exactly what they want.

Internal search systems can be complicated to develop, but the benefits to your users will be improved navigation and retention rates. We have built many different search systems that can be specific to different industries (e.g. jobs, products, etc) or general site searches for pages or content.

In any case, a search system provides your users with another method of finding and exploring content. Many visitors are accustomed to searching to find content and will almost expect extensive search systems for certain websites (e.g. eCommerce).

Ensure your site meets your user’s standards with an effective internal site search.


eCommerce Search Systems

Suitable for finding products and enhancing user experience.

Our eCommerce search systems come in various formats including free entry text fields to advanced product filtering systems. In many cases eCommerce sites will use many different search mechanisms that act as ways for users to browse products and find suitable items and so we will ensure your site uses the right method for your audience.

A product filtering system is a great method to showcase all the available user filtering options (e.g. search by price, colour, type, brand, etc). This can be built in a very effective SEO format too, allowing for long tail keyword targeting which is a great strategy for eCommerce sites.

Free text entry searches are good in more general locations such as the homepage or header. On mobile devices a free text search is often an optimal way of browsing and when combined with an auto suggest feature, it can really make the difference.


Job Search Systems

Simplify a complicated hierarchy and ensure jobs get found.

Job or recruitment sites can often use complex data hierarchies to organise their jobs which can be difficult to visualise for the end user. In many cases, the end user is also expecting to search for a category or keyword and location and wishing to see a range of suitable jobs displayed on a single page.

This can be difficult to achieve with a complicated hierarchy through browsing alone, so a search system needs to be in place. Job sites also need to filter and rank searches more effectively to ensure optimal conversion rates.

The result is a search system that needs to be smart and rank jobs in a way that appeals to the end user. We have developed many of these search systems which work in free text with auto suggest and location orientated results (i.e. results within a radius of a postcode).


Internal Searching

If you need an internal site search system, speak to us today. We have developed many of these systems on multiple sites. Find out how we can help you.

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