How to Rank Higher on eBay

How to Rank Higher on eBay

Ranking higher on eBay will not only increase the amount of views your listings see, but also sales. Just like Google search, being at the top is important for increasing sales and generating more profit.

But how do you get your listings to the top positions?

This is tricky for many eBay traders and it isn’t as simple as you may think. Optimising your listings is the start by ensuring they meet all of eBay’s search factors; but these alone won’t always get you to the top.

Spiderscope can help. Our in house eBay experts will optimise your account and listings for best search performance, identifying the methods needed to get your listings to the top.

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Ranking higher on eBay

Ranking higher on eBay is all about two main factors:

Your listing optimisation
This includes your listing title, description, images, shipping costs, etc. All of these can be optimised in a manner that will enhance your search positions. You need to include keywords in your titles and descriptions, offer competitive shipping and make your listing look attractive to the buyer.

These are the basic optimisation points that all listings much meet before they can expect to rank at the top.

Your sale to click ratio
A high sale to click ratio is the next step and probably the most important factor in determining where your listing ranks. If you get lots of sales from clicks onto your listings, then this listing is likely to rank higher than another which does not.

There are many tactics and strategies for improving your sale to click ratio and one tactic which suits one customer may not suit you. Therefore, it takes expertise to analyse your listings, products and industry to determine the best tactics to use to generate a favourable ratio.


eBay Optimisation Packages

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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

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