Highly Optimised Site Design for Nationwide Cars

A highly optimised site design with a strong focus on user experience and data organisation results in great search presence and traffic.

The Nationwide Car's website has been developed and refined to be highly optimised for both search traffic and conversions. The site performs extremely well for both as the design has been constantly tweaked, updated and altered to ensure both goals are met continuously.

Being a heavily data driven site, we have followed a strict strategy to ensure that the data is organised effectively for both users and search. This is a complicated procedure, but the end result has been fantastic with the site continuing to grow stronger and stronger.

Website Development

The website uses the Spiderscope Content Management System to manage and organise the large amount of data from third parties. This management is centralised in our system, allowing for the site to organise this in a way that's good for conversions and search results.

Additional features such as filtering search systems, high priority promotion on the homepage, product tagging and custom landing pages ensures the site continues to perform well and sees improved results year after year.

Our extensive website optimisation programme has transformed the marketing on the site from heavily relying on huge PPC budgets to much more profitable SEO spend. We can accurately track the ROI on each SEO investment, ensuring that our optimisation is profitable and successful.

Payment Methods
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