Get More eBay Customers

Get More eBay Customers

eBay is a great marketplace for expanding and finding more customers. If you’re already selling on eBay, then you may be wondering; just how do I get more customers?

There are many strategies and tactics for expanding reach on eBay. The tactics to increase your customers are likely to be unique to you and your products. Therefore, we recommend starting with our free eBay assessment.

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How to get more customers on eBay

Every business on eBay is different and therefore the tactics for one may not be suitable for the other. With that in mind, we have shared some ideas below on how to increase customers.

1. Expand your listings with either auctions or buy it now
If you’re predominantly running one type of listing (e.g. auction or buy it now) then setting some more listings up in the other format is usually a quick win.

People who buy on eBay will often have a preference for the type of auction format they buy from. By having multiple types set up for a range of products will allow you to target both types.

In many cases, eBay traders will object to this saying their products can only be sold in one format. This is false. There is always a way to suitably sell in both formats, it will just take some expert guidance to understand how to do this.

2. Consider splitting or grouping products together
You can make your products or listings more attractive by either splitting (if you’re selling grouped products) or by grouping (if you’re selling singular products). How you achieve this will depend on your product, but this is an option for a surprisingly large amount of eBay traders which is often overlooked.

To give an example, if you were selling invitations then many listings will just be a single listing where the customer specifies how many they want. Ideally, you would have more listings; one to target any quantity of invitations, then more to target popular quantities (e.g. 20 invitations, 40 invitations, etc).

How can this be applied to your listings? Start our free assessment and we will look to see how.


eBay Optimisation Packages

These are just a couple of methods to look at for generating more eBay customers.

Our eBay optimisation packages are designed to increase your customers, rankings and sales. See our options below and start with our free eBay assessment.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

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