Facebook Specialist Services

Facebook Specialist Services

Many businesses and brands have seen the potential Facebook optimisation has to offer and take advantage of this expanding user base to not only increase awareness but generate a thriving fan base, sales and most importantly an online community. Here at Spiderscope we focus on customer engagement, customer acquisition and look to drive traffic to your website. To learn how Spiderscope can help you with Facebook why not take a look at our Facebook Specialist Services below?

Facebook Advert Management

Facebook campaigns are unique in that no other ad service can specifically target individual customers down to such an in-depth level. Facebook has a mass of information at its fingertips on each typical user; they have everything from your birthday, sex and location, right down to your interests, work status and connections. This means that paid Facebook advertisements can be set up to target a very specific audience – and we know that the more targeted the ad, the increased likelihood of it performing to your advantage

Record Your Facebook Statistics

Facebook Statistics must be monitored daily to scale your page’s relevancepopularity and performance. Spiderscope can establish your audiences key statistics, such as age, gender and country of residence. With this data recorded, Spiderscope will report on precise measurements looking at aggregate metrics of views, engagement, shares and Facebook likes. Provide your business with an insight into the success of past marketing and branding campaigns via Facebook.  

Specialist Facebook Branding Service

Your Facebook page can be responsible for that all too important first impression. Spiderscope ensures that your brands message is conveyed in the correct way. We will work with your marketing team to ensure the best possible conversion from brand to page. Have you thought about the importance of your Facebook Banner, Profile Picture, Maps, Apps and graphics

Increase Your Facebook Likes

Total page likes is the number of unique people who have clicked the like button on your Page. Gaining a user like gives you organic access to their news feed with future posts, so this is an extremely important part of building your online presence. Are enough people liking your page?