Increase Your Facebook Likes

Increase Your Facebook Likes

Total page likes is the number of unique people who have clicked the like button on your Page. Gaining a user like gives you organic access to their news feed with future posts, so this is an extremely important part of building your online presence.

Build your Likes:
To kick start your page, one of the most significant things you can do to build your followers is to produce an ad that encourages people to like your Page. When people like your Page, it shows in their list of likes and their friends may also see that they’ve liked you through a story in the News Feed. The people who like your Page will also see your most engaged Page content in their News Feeds. Spiderscope can set up a news feed advert with Facebook that encourages targeted users to Like your page.

Add a Like button to your Website: 
Spiderscope can add a Like button to your website to bring in traffic directly from your website to your Facebook page. This is a great way to retain information of people who have entered your site and want to hear from you again.

Customised landing tabs and graphics:
Want to make your Facebook page stand out from the crowd? We can create a customised landing page which is optimised to attract fans and showcase your business or brand. This can increase the likelihood of you converting a visit into a like


What can we help with?

Here at Spiderscope we focus on customer engagement, customer acquisition and look to drive traffic to your website. We have experience in a range of Facebook Pages that suit businesses in a number of industries. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Social Media Business Integration

Spiderscope not only create customised social media pages, but we also look to integrate these networks and offer a cohesive marketing strategy. Spiderscope can offer social media integration tools which includes:

  • Adding a social media sharing buttons to your site
  • Embeding YouTube videos and other media onto your website
  • Embeding icons onto your website, linking customers to your social media pages

Find out more about our social media business integration services today.

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