CV Management Software

CV Management Software

Managing CV's can quickly grow out of control, especially if you're working with raw documents like Word files and storing these in folders on your hard drive. Not only is this difficult to scale efficiently, but you also run the risk of easily losing files; especially if no automatic or regular backup process is in place.

You need a process that is efficient, compliments your internal procedures and eliminates the worry of data loss. This can be hard to achieve when working with manual emails that simply contain CV's attached as Word documents. Not only that, but when new or more staff are required, having everything stored on a personal worker's computer can lead to inaccessible information when people are absent or have left.


Upgrade your CV Management

Our CV Management Software integrates seamlessly with our other recruitment solutions to deliver a completely centralised and streamlined management system. Store CV's safely and securely online and access them from any computer accessible to the internet. This will give you freedom to efficiently and effectively manage your applicants in a way that works for you, from any internet enabled computer.

The result will be an effective system that works for you and your business. You will save time, eliminate the worry of data protection and have a streamlined work process that anyone can follow. The end result will lead to happier applicants and happier customers.


Recruitment Agency Software

It's crucial for a lot of recruitment agencies to post their jobs online to generate exposure and attract applicants. The problem is managing this in an effective way and tying it to internal procedures. Depending on how your agency operates will vary your requirements and it's extremely rare to find a piece of software that caters to your bespoke needs.

These problems are common for many recruitment agencies and there is often a need to balance an internal system with an external system; internal for the management of your jobs and external for how these appear on your site.

We have transformed how many recruitment agencies manage these problems for the better. Find out how we can do the same for you.

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